Dubai Cinemas Gyms Business Activities And Entertainment Centres To Reopen From Wednesday


Dubai Cinemas Gyms Business Activities And Entertainment Centres To Reopen From Wednesday

The most-anticipated COVID-19 move by the Dubai government was finally announced on Monday evening, May 25.

In accordance with an announcement made by HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, business activities in the emirate will gradually reopen from Wednesday, May 27.

In the same virtual meeting, the Crown Prince further clarified that there will be NO movement restrictions in the city between 6am and 11pm each day. This means that the current 8pm-6am nightly curfew has been pushed to 11pm-6am.

The reopening of business activities also includes the following:

  1. Cinemas (with the implementation of social distancing and round-the-clock sterilisation)
  2. Gyms and fitness centres
  3. Educational and training institutes
  4. Therapy centres for children
  5. Entertainment destinations (e.g. the Dubai Mall ice rink and dolphinariums)
  6. All government service centres (e.g. Amer)

*Please note that strict guidelines still apply and children under the age of 12 will not be permitted to enter.

Sheikh Hamdan further added that these new measures will allow people to adapt to the current situation affected by COVID-19 without disrupting operations in vital sectors and impacting businesses in a severe way

As released by the Dubai government, here is a FULL list of economic activities that are all set to resume from Wednesday

P.S. The return of activity does NOT include water sports centres that are practised indoor, and the reopening of the mentioned will be determined later.

Face masks are obligatory and should be worn at ALL times

The Crown Prince made it clear that this ‘ease of restriction’ comes with great responsibility and stringent precautionary and preventive measures including physical distancing, wearing face masks, using sanitisers and prevention of crowding

If you’re feeling under the weather, check your temperature beforehand to avoid any unwanted trouble when commuting or out shopping!

If your temp is above 98.6 F or 37 C, please take care of yourself and stay at home.

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