These Dubai Entrepreneurs Have Just Built A Smartphone And Are Looking To Take On Samsung and Apple


The Carbon mobile is set to outclass the iPhone and the Samsung in spec, it was designed right here in the UAE and it was released at Gitex today.

“Carbon is unnaturally thin, dramatically light and the most surreal super phone your hands can hold.”

Sounds amazing…and it looks like the hype is to be believed. Today the creator behind the phone called it the lightest, STRONGEST and thinnest smartphone ever – and it’s the first carbon fiber super phone in the world.

It’s taken one year and over 800 prototypes to come to the design they have today. High-stiffness composites are used to increase strength while decreasing weight and thickness.

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How thin in comparison with other high-end smartphones?

4.5 mm…the Samsung S7 is 7.9 mm and the iPhone 7 is 7.1mm

How light?

107 g…the S7 is 152 g and the iPhone 7 is 138 grams

Kevlar is also used in the design…a material so resistant to impact that it can stop bullets

Take a look at this for more info

How much will it cost you?

Word on the street is the mobile will cost approximately $799 (just under AED 3,000). But we’ll get back to once we have a definite confirmation on that. 


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