A British Tourist Has Been Handed 10 Years In Jail After DXB Drugs Bust


A British tourist who was found with 4.4kg of CBD oil has been handed a 10-year prison sentence in a Dubai prison after the Dubai Court of Appeal upheld an earlier verdict.

The 31-year-old female was found carrying a total of 307 pods of CBD oil, which can sometimes be disguised as vaping oils and in the eyes of the law here in the UAE it’s treated the same as cannabis. She also had 1.4grams of cocaine on her person, according to Gulf News.

She was originally charged by the Dubai Court of First Instance, where she was handed a 10-year sentence, along with an AED50,000 fine, and deportation after the sentence.

Hew lawyer claimed she didn’t know CBD oil was illegal in the UAE

The lawyer argued the accused made no attempt to hide the oil, which shows no criminal intent. The Court denied the appeal, however, and she now has 30 days to appeal this verdict.

The UAE has a notoriously strict drugs policy and no one is above the law.


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