Dubai Got Another Round Of Rain And Lightning Today!

Dubai Got Another Round Of Rain And Lightning Today!

YES, that magical day has come again – the one where people woke up to a Dubai Police alert that sent shivers down their spine, and to a text from their managers saying they could work from home due to the weather conditions. That’s if they’re nice enough, oops.

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It’s the MOST wonderful time!

While people abroad might be running for cover in the rain, here in Dubai, we’ve got a different strategy – we whip out our phones and start recording! Who needs an umbrella when you’ve got a chance to witness this rare phenomenon?

And hey, if we’re lucky, we might get to see scenes like this three, maybe four times a year! Talk about living life on the edge…

Hats off to the real champs who braved the rain, thunder, and flood to make it to the office this morning

… instead of opting for cozy work-from-home vibes…You’re the true MVPs! And let’s not forget a special shoutout to all the cleaners, drivers, and other essential workers who are still out there, powering through the unstable weather. Your dedication doesn’t go unnoticed.

But let’s talk about the real shocker – hail in Al Ain!

Social media is currently buzzing with footage shot in Al Ain of hail covering the streets – and it’s quite a sight to behold! It’s a rare occurrence that definitely doesn’t scream “typical UAE weather,” but who’s complaining? The vibes were truly something else…

There’s never a dull moment when the rain comes to Dubai

From stunning lightning shots at the Burj Khalifa to flooded streets, and from people lending a helping hand to others to pulling out canoes for the ultimate rain experience – these are the scenes that always play out whenever it rains here in the Emirate.

But fear not, for Dubai is always ready to tackle the challenges head-on. With efficient drainage systems, proactive maintenance, and a community that knows how to adapt, everyone’s always prepared to weather any storm that comes their way. Rain or shine, Dubai stands strong!

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