Dubai Miracle Garden Just Got A World Record For The World’s Largest Flower Installation


Last week, we saw a video of the a HUGE Emirates place being covered in flowers. It took 200 people a grand total of 144,000 hours to create the work of art and it looks seriously impressive. 

But little did we know, it was a World Record in the making

The Emirates A380 has never looked so good! Like with all Guinness World Records, a committee must be present to authorize the feat. A ceremony took place on December 2nd in which Abdel Naser Rahhal, Co-Founder and Creator of Dubai Miracle Garden received a certificate to prove the incredible accomplishment. 

This will impress your friends over dinner…

The entire installation is 24 metres high. Think about that for a second, it’s huge! Concrete, steel and 90 tonnes of flowers were used to create the structure. We reckon the plants are all alive and being fed

A quick overview video

How are the flowers staying alive?

Are they alive? Is there a a soil and watering system in place within the structure among the massive amount of concrete? This we can’t answer, but it’s definitely worth wondering about.

DXB Media Office announced the amazing acheivment!

Woo! Another record for Dubai!

One for the mantlepiece

She’s a beaut


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