A Digital Artist Has Reimagined Dubai As Pandora – The World of Avatar

A Digital Artist Has Reimagined Dubai As Pandora – The World of Avatar

An AVATAR of Dubai that we’ve never seen before!

Dubai-based Digital Creator Jyo John Mulloo has really outdone himself with this stunning rendition of the city as Pandora – The World of Avatar.

The caption for his Avatar series reads,

“When James Cameron Official taught a generation it was okay to dream beyond imagination, our leaders @mohamedbinzayed @hhshkmohd @faz3 taught the same generation that with the right vision, strong heart & no fear, all dreams can be chased, caught and turned into reality.

“Pandora” is what you get when you interlace dreams with vision. Here in Dubai, impossible is nothing ♥️🇦🇪 Pandora unboxing in Dubai”

The artist has transformed prominent landmarks around the city into a playground for the Na’vi (the sapient humanoids that inhabit Pandora)

The mystical visuals have residents hooked

The creator, Jyo John Mulloo has proved himself once again with this masterpiece of a series!

Avatar: The Way of Water is all set to release on December 15!

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