Dubai Residents Feel The Itch As Bedbugs Invade Paris


Bedbugs have invaded the city of love, leaving Parisians and travellers scratching their heads and raising concerns about safety. These pesky insects have made their presence known in cinemas, public transport, hotel rooms and even the renowned Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Social media has been buzzing with footage of bedbugs crawling around on high-speed trains and the Paris Metro, causing a wave of insectophobia. The infestation has led to questions about health and safety, especially with the upcoming Olympic Games in 2024.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention describes bedbugs as flat, blood-sucking parasites that target both humans and animals during sleep. These infestations can happen anywhere in the world, they tend to thrive in places where people sleep, like mattress seams, bed frames, and behind wallpaper and prefer dark hiding spots, such as cracks in furniture or fabric seats in public areas.

What’s alarming is that these tiny hitchhikers often spread through travel, easily fitting into luggage and clothing

Hygiene doesn’t play a significant role in their presence. While they’re not known for transmitting diseases, their bites can cause skin irritation. Those unfortunate enough to experience bedbug bites are advised to wash their clothes and fabrics at high temperatures and seek professional pest control services.

It’s not just Paris; bedbugs are making a comeback worldwide. Factors like globalization, tourism, and immigration have contributed to their resurgence.

Dubai residents have been quick to react, with some saying that just reading about “Paris’s bed bugs” makes them itch, while others are concerned about unknowingly bringing these unwanted guests back home in their bags and luggage

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