Dubai’s Ruler Announces 10 Economic Principles Of The UAE


In an exciting development on the sidelines of the annual government meetings in Abu Dhabi, the UAE government has laid out a visionary plan that’ll shape the nation’s economic landscape for the next decade. The ‘UAE Charter of Economic Principles,’ disclosed by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, is poised to propel the country into a leading position in the global economic arena.

This 10-point Charter maps out a bold vision, positioning the UAE as a globally integrated economy, featuring cutting-edge digital infrastructure, secure systems, adaptable legislation, and a forward-thinking mindset. Moreover, it strives to create an environment that is not only conducive to attracting top talent and investment but also fosters the growth of homegrown opportunities.

The 10 Principles that make up this transformative Charter are as follows:

  1. The UAE is a globally open free-market economy
  2. The UAE attracts top talent
  3. The UAE invests in the digital economy
  4. The UAE invests in developing and creating opportunities for its youth
  5. The UAE manages a sustainable and balanced economy
  6. The UAE offers a strong and stable financial system
  7. The UAE offers a strong and fair legislative environment
  8. The UAE upholds the principles of transparency and the rule of law
  9. The UAE’s business community is supported by a strong banking sector
  10. The UAE offers the world’s finest transport and logistics infrastructure

With these transformative principles in place, the UAE aspires to create a world within a nation, cementing its status as a global economic powerhouse

Sheikh Mohammed emphasized the importance of these principles, urging everyone to rally behind them and incorporate them into the fabric of all policies. The ultimate goal is to have the UAE at the forefront of the world’s economies.

The nation’s trajectory towards becoming a pivotal player on the international stage is now more defined than ever, offering a compelling vision for the future.

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