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Emirates Are Banned From Expanding In China After Violating ‘Air Safety Norms’ On Two Occasions

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Emirates has been banned from further expansion into China after violating ‘air safety norms’.

The airline was fined over AED15,000 and banned from adding extra routes according to a statement released by the Civil Administration Office of China, via Khaleej Times

The ban is related to two incidents which occurred in April and May this year and will last for six months.

The crew misunderstood instructions and flew at an incorrect altitude

According to the statement, in a flight above the Urumqi region on April 17, the crew misunderstood instructions and flew at an incorrect altitude. 

In another incident in the same region in May this year, the crew encountered problems when they lost contact with air traffic control after the radio communications were cut. 

An Emirates spokesperson said the airline will comply with all recommendations from the CAAC in relation to the two incidents. 

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