No Kidding: An Emirati Bride Divorced Her Groom After He Changed The Venue Of Their Wedding Ceremony


Well, this is awkward…and not to mention totally bizarre!

An Emirati woman, a resident of Al Ain, apparently divorced her groom after he…get this…changed the wedding venue.

The couple was officially married but before they could celebrate their wedding bash, the bride decided to end things because the man changed the venue she had picked out herself.

The couple’s lawyer and consultant gave his statement to a local newspaper

Hasan Al Marzouki, an Emirati lawyer and legal consultant told Al Bayan newspaper that a divorce over a wedding party venue is not the most unusual thing he has seen in his profession.

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He mentioned a case in which a wife divorced her husband because he kept forgetting all the important dates such as her birthday and other anniversaries.

He also attributes these recent divorce cases, especially in young people, to a lack of knowledge when it comes to values of marriage.

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