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Parts Of The UAE Took An Extreme Bashing After Relentless Stormy Weather Caused Havoc Over The Weekend

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While we may be experiencing low visibility and high humidity here in Dubai, other parts of the UAE have been hit with some severe weather conditions.

According to storm.ae, these videos and images were taken on the Al Ain Road over the weekend. The area saw relentless rainfall and heavy winds, it’s hard to believe this is happening in the UAE.

Screenshot 2017 07 08 14 43 17
Screenshot 2017 07 08 14 45 28

Flick through to the third and forth points to see videos of the weather

We hope the camels managed to stay safe

Heavy rain in the region continued throughout the weekend

Man VS Wind. Watch the man trying to protect the camels in the harsh weather

Weather warnings remain in the areas effected

Poor visibility and blowing dust across the region

The national weather platform tweeted this yesterday

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