Google Has Launched An Amazing 360° Tool Featuring Dubai’s Most Iconic Spots Just In Time For National Day


It’s not just companies from the UAE making special efforts for National Day…

Etisalat announcing free Wi-Fi, Emirates announcing huge sales and now Google have just made a huge announcement…it’s all too much!

Google has launched a new 360 degree function featuring iconic Dubai sites

It allows users to take a look at and navigate around Dubai’s most famous spots. People across the world can now navigate down Sheikh Zayed Road, across Dubai Mall, through Metro stations and even into ski Dubai. This is perfect for those of us who have family abroad, it’s certainly a cheaper way for people to view these famous spots.

There are 48 famous Dubai spots to choose from

Google maps has over one billion daily users, who now have the chance to explore our remarkable city. The handy tool zooms in on your spot of choice, guides you around and even gives useful some information about the place. This is extremely helpful for tourists planning a trip.

Here are some cool examples (you’ll have to go to Google for the real 360 deal).

Dubai Marina Canal

Screenshot 2016 11 28 At 6 16 40 Pm

Burj Khalifa

Screenshot 2016 11 28 At 6 14 28 Pm

The Lost of Chambers Aquarium

Screenshot 2016 11 28 At 6 13 45 Pm


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