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It's The Age Of 'Ice Cream Robots' At This Mall In Dubai

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Artificial Intelligence has taken baby steps and evolved from simple facial recognition processors to FULL-FLEDGED humanoid robots.

And speaking of which, humanoid robots have replaced humans at a unique ice cream joint called ‘Icealice’, at the Dubai Festival City Mall. If you can expect tech of this nature anywhere in the world, you could deffo expect it here in Dubai.

The ice cream serving Robo called Icealice, is the world’s first mannequin AI robotic vending machine and interacts with customers using recognition and sensory tools throughout.

A mallgoer, Hind Mezaina shared these images on Twitter and tweeps were fascinated with the concept, to say the least!

Austyn Allison replied to the post saying, “Everything about this is terrifying”… or should have said “Everything BYTE this is terrifying” lol

Motor oil sundaes… now there’s an idea!

Well, guess there’s no sweet-talking the ice cream man into giving free toppings anymore!

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