“If You’re Not Talking About Palestine, Get Out Of My Life” Dubai Bling Star Calls Out DJ Khaled


Fadie Musallet who is also known on Fadiecakes is widely known for his initiative to support the victims of Palestine following the genocide that began on the 7th of October. 

The founder of The Giving Family, Fadie Musallet has been very vocal about the genocide in Palestine as he regularly volunteers with the Emirates Red Crescent to raise awareness to the victims and people of Palestine.

What also seems to trigger him is those with a platform that do not use their voice for awareness, as he recently shared where he stands with his cousin DJ Khaled.

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When asked about his relationship with his cousin DJ Khaled, Fadie “We’re not speaking right now because it’s all about Palestine and if you’re not talking about Palestine, get out of my life.” 

Prior to the genocide, Fadie and DJ Khaled had a close-knit relationship as Fadie brought DJ Khaled for his debut in the region for a concert during the pandemic.⁠

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