Intolerance Is NOT An Option: You Could Be Fined Up To AED1 Million For Flouting The Law


Acts deemed as discriminatory could land you fines of up to AED1 million.

According to Ameena Al Mazrouei, the Social Responsibility Specialist at the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department via Gulf News, the UAE takes a strong stance against acts of discrimination…

“We stand against the differentiation of people based on their caste, creed and colour, and the offender will be jailed for five years and penalised up to Dh1 million as per the rules of the country.”

Taking aim at someone’s religion, house of worship, divine book or Prophet could be deemed as discriminatory and as per the law, the offender could face up to five years in jail and between AED250,000 and AED1million fine, according to the report.

The Year of Tolerance has ended but the learnings live on

‘Tolerance and forgiveness are a duty’ – Baba Zayed.

The theme ‘Year of Tolerance’ was chosen to follow the vision of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nayhan. And it was the year that saw the head of the Catholic Church visit the UAE and perform an open mass for the first time and the announcement of the Abrahamic Family House which will see a mosque, church and synagogue all built together. The UAE’s acceptance to multiple religions existing harmoniously is clear.

And the objectives, to establish values of tolerance and coexistence in society and to remain open to other cultures lives on.


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