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Indians Looking To Buy The iPhone 12 Pro Will Find It Cheaper To Fly To Dubai And Buy It Here Instead

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These Apple products don’t come cheap brooo, especially not a newly released iPhone.

Apart from the pricing that makes you exhale in frustration, the other Apple issue that people regularly complain about is the “Apple’s ‘unfair’ pricing in countries outside the US”, as reported by 9to5mac.

The report further went on to state that when comparing prices to products from the US Apple stores, people forget to factor in the import duties and taxes… that well… gets added on to the price of the product for the end-user. UGH right?

So in the same report, 9to5mac did some digging & it looks like iPhone 12 Pro prices in India have spiralled so high that it’s actually CHEAPER to book a return flight to Dubai and buy it here locally!

India Today did the math and well this is the result:

128 GB, iPhone 12 Pro Price in India: AED 5,930 (Rs 1,19,000)
128 GB, iPhone 12 Pro Price in Dubai: AED 4,186.07 (Rs 84,000)

Lifehack 101?! Well NO, not really because that’s still illegal

The additional cost added to the iPhone price in India is the result of tax and those buying a phone outside the country SHOULD declare it and pay import duty.

But nonetheless, here’s the info… now do with that what you will.

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