JLT Is The First Area In The UAE That Will Be Powered By 5G


5G is finally in the UAE, and the first city that’ll be powered by it is no other than the business-savvy JLT! 

Etisalat and Dubai Multi Commodities Centre announced that Jumeirah Lakes Towers, better known as JLT, will be the first area in the UAE to be powered by a 5G phone network. Introductions and plans to roll out the new, speedier system is intended to take place this week- and hopes to allow for a more efficient and safe experience for residents and visitors of that area, reports local sources.

JLT will become the first 5G-powered smart district in the Middle East 

Yesssss to this! Especially since the Lovin Dubai HQ is in JLT *wink wink* 

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Most internet users in Dubai will probably be accustomed to having the 3G or 4G internet, meaning download speeds, browsing, streaming and overall use of the network is faster. 5G is the fifth generation of mobile internet connectivity. Dream!

So if you notice a lack of issues with speed, in terms of your 4G network, except for your data being cut due to overuse- that’s how 5G’s speed will be- but at a much faster rate. Once 5G has been fully rolled out in more cities around Dubai, and eventually the entire country, improvements and efficiency in government services, retail, logistics, manufacturing and more.



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