Lebanese Expats Flying Down To Beirut From Dubai Kickstarted The Protests At The Airport Itself


What started as a spontaneous protest over the implementation of a tax on calls made via free messaging apps like WhatsApp, rapidly spiralled into a nationwide protest against nepotism, corruption and mismanagement.

The biggest anti-government protests in Lebanon in over a decade are demanding economic reforms and economic equality from governmental entities. The Lebanese protests that have been going on for over a week now are grabbing the attention of global news outlets as well as of Lebanese expatriates from all over the world.

Lebanese expats in Dubai have been especially vocal about the outstanding governmental and political reforms in the Middle-Eastern country and have shown their support to the ongoing revolution in every way possible.

A video recently surfaced online over the weekend of Lebanese expats in Dubai flying down to Beirut for the weekend to show their support for the revolution.

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The Dubai residents flew down to the Lebanese capital for the weekend to show their support to the movement that’s demanding MAJOR reform throughout the country

Lebanese citizens from all over the world are also going all out in showing their support.


Lebanese citizens couldn’t even contain their chutzpah until they got off the plane

They can also be heard reciting the Lebanese national anthem as they approach the immigration point at the airport.

That is some contagious enthusiasm right there!


Lebanese expats in Dubai have been sharing, posting and re-posting all the updates from the Lebanese revolution

Not being in the country hasn’t stopped them from supporting everything that their fellow comrades are fighting for in the streets of Beirut, Tripoli and Samar Geagea.


With the massive street concerts and unusual demonstrations, the Lebanese protests have proved to be like none other ever before!


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