This Lightning Strike Above Burj Khalifa Looks Like The Map Of Palestine

Anika Eliz Baby

The heart sees what it wants to see, which in this case is a free Palestine!

In a video posted by  @vertigodubai , residents noticed that the lightning strike resembled, in some unique way, the map of Palestine until 1946!

The video has since gained a lot of attention as people call it nature’s way of calling for Palestine.

The video was captured last week when Dubai was facing some heavy rainstorms

The strike resembled the map of Palestine until 1946.

In 1967, Isrel began illegal encroachments from Golan after the war the war.

Israel continues to starve Palestinians in Gaza, block humanitarian aid, and release songs for the city to be wiped out

A newly released Israeli rap song titled ‘Shager,’ which means ‘launch’ in Hebrew, calls for occupation and ‘shooting rockets like rain.’ The song has reached number 1 in Israel. Meanwhile in Gaza, people continue to die from starvation and relentless bombing during the Holy month of Ramadan.


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