The ‘Log Out’ Campaign Is Gripping India And The Zomato Founder Tweeted A Detailed Response


Thousands of Indians are reportedly boycotting five major food delivery platforms in an attempt to level the playing field for restaurant owners.

An agenda shared by the National Restaurant Association of India claims Dineout, Eazydiner, Magicpin, NearBuy, Zomato ‘are resorting to unjust practices and hurting our businesses’ and it goes on to urge restaurants in India to #LogOut and to curb the use of coupons, gold, passport, prime or pin as offer deals.

Food Sheikh, a Dubai-based food commentator shared the news to a Dubai audience who went on to offer their thoughts on whether a similar system would work here, in a city oversaturated with offers and discount meal deals.

And with so much talk surrounding the campaign, the Founder of Zomato has weighed in on the debate

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The discussion over whether such action is needed in Dubai kicked off

With one user suggesting it will be difficult to introduce in a heavily populated market.

While another declaring that fair pricing across the board would be the ultimate dream

Amidst the backlash directed at third-party providers, the founder of Zomato weigh-in with his thoughts

Founded in India, Zomato is a search and discovery platform, it has expanded to 24 countries with a huge foothold here in Dubai.

Stating that Zomato has been a huge success but he conceded mistakes have been made along the way and restaurant businesses have been hurt by Zomato Gold, an extension to the Zomato service.

In the eight-tweet thread, Goyal added that this is a wake-up call and there would be changes

He pleaded with restaurateurs to stop logging out, and urged operators to reduce operating costs

He added how it’s crucial the restaurant industry lowers costs, across the board

Netizens in response claim the Gold product forces restaurant owners to raise standard prices

While others continue to support the brand and expressed gratitude for low prices

The debate continues


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