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JUST IN!! NCEMA Confirms That There Will Be NO Curfew Nor Lockdowns Imposed In The UAE Amid Rising COVID-19 Cases

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JUST IN!! NCEMA Confirms That There Will Be NO Curfew Nor Lockdowns Imposed In The UAE Amid Rising COVID-19 Cases

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, (NCEMA) have just now confirmed that there will be NO lockdown nor curfew imposed in the UAE.

The NCEMA urged UAE residents to be on alert at all times and reminded all to maintain social distance at every given occasion and not only rely on negative COVID-19 tests because you can get re-infected.

Furthermore, public and private schools will be shut for 14 days straight if any COVID-19 cases are detected.

The briefing also mentioned that 88% of COVID-19 cases came from large gatherings, 12% of the cases came from those arriving in the country from overseas and highlighted that 62% of the infected are male patients.

Additionally, the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) have just confirmed 930 new COVID-19 cases in the UAE as of Thursday, September 10.

  • 930 New Cases
  • 5 New Deaths
  • 586 New Recoveries
  • 76,911 Total Cases
  • 82,076 Total Tests
  • 67,945 Total Recoveries
  • 8,568 Active Cases
  • 398 Total Deaths

The mentioned updates follow a significant rise in cases in the UAE in recent weeks.

Residents are being reminded to follow precautionary measures of social distancing and wearing a face mask to maintain their health & safety when out in public.

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