A New Aquatic Theater Is Set To Open In Dubai And It Actually Looks More Impressive Than Dubai Opera


We’re FLOODED with openings in this city and if you’ve been here long enough, it’s easy to get bored by the run-of-the-mill (we know, we know, Dubai problems).

But when we heard La Perle by Dragone was coming to town we got excited. Well at first we Googled it, because we weren’t quite sure what it was…but THEN we got excited. After you’ve seen the pictures and the video, you will too.

Screenshot 2016 10 23 At 6 39 56 Pm

What is La Perle?

From the creator of Cirque du Soleil is La Perle. A permanent show where a one-of-a-kind aquatic-arena filled with 2.7 million litres of water will take centre-stage, surrounded by 1,300 seats.

65 world class artists from 23 cities have already arrived in Dubai. Performances will feature acrobats, dancers and contortionists.

Screenshot 2016 10 23 At 6 40 13 Pm

The venue will be located in Al Habtoor city…

With two venues in China and another in Vegas, this Dubai venue was the next obvious step for the creator Franco Dragone. Al Habtoor is undoubtedly the new happening region of the city with the newly opened Westin, the W and the St. Regis and the Atrium all located there.

Still not impressed? Take a look at this…


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