Newborn Baby Boy Found Abandoned On Roof Top


A newborn baby was found abandoned on a rooftop in Sharjah yesterday morning. The baby, a boy, was in a cardboard box.

Police sources have stated that they received a phone call early on Sunday from a man in the Al Ramallah area who said that he had discovered a baby.

“The boy was wrapped in pieces of fabric and abandoned inside a small cardboard box,” 

Police source.

An ambulance was called to the scene and rushed the young baby to Al Qassimi Hospital. Police have stated that the infant lost consciousness due to heat exhaustion and will need to remain there for a few days. The boy will then be transferred to a social care house in Sharjah who will look after him.

Police are currently in the process of looking for the baby’s parents. A source has stated that the house was being occupied by a Filipino man and woman. The man has been taken in to custody but the search is still on going for the woman.


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