OMG! Lebanese Superstar Elissa May Have Just Trolled About Being Involved In The Netflix Hit Money Heist


Lebanon’s songstress, Elissa, tweeted saying she’s ready to be part of the popular Netflix series ‘Money Heist’- but what does this really mean?

The Aayshalak singer took to her social media channels to share a package sent to her, saying…

“I am ready to be part of the gang with the professor and the team! Thank you @NetflixMENA and @lacasadepapel

This immediately made people wonder- was she merely just thanking them for the package or is she going to take part in this?

The news got MAJOR reaction on social media, with many fans of the show wondering if the singer was going to venture into acting and will debut for a cameo or a minor role in one of the episodes of the Spanish TV series.

The verdict to this confusion: she could either be helping promote the new season, might have a cameo or is just a REALLY huge fan

Then again.. who wouldn’t be?

Several reports speculate that Elissa could have a minor role in the fourth season, to be released in September 2020, after Netflix and the show’s official social media handles tweeted back at the singer, welcoming her as “Beirut.”

Let’s wait a couple of days to see how this unravels…

The singer recently announced that she’s decided to quit the music industry after the release of her soon-to-come final album


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