The Best Pizza Chef In The World Visited Dubai And Shared His Pizza Making Tips…And Surprisingly It IS As Easy As It Sounds


The best pizza chef in the world? Sounds like it’s a hard one to judge, but a guide called ‘Where To Eat Pizza’ which features 2,000 pizzerias, revealed that Pepe in Grani, the Pizzeria belonging to Pepe Franco, makes the best pizza in the world.

The renowned Italian chef is in town as the ambassador for Grana Padano, an authentic Italian cheese, created by monks (really!) and one of the most popular imported cheeses in the region. And he was good enough to share some exclusive pizza making tips with us. This is everything you need to know

Screw the take-out. Here is how you make some REAL pizza

1. Do not roll out your dough 

“I am not saying you have to become a master pizza twirler but rolling dough reduces all air bubbles leaving the finished product tough. Instead use your hands and work the dough pulling and stretching to your desired size. Do not overwork or prepare in too cold temperatures or the dough will be impossible to work with! Let it sit at room temperature to allow the gluten to relax and temperature rise. Overnight is best.”

Pepe In Grani Caracciolo 02

2. Go hot and fast 

“There is no need for a pizza stone, just preheat the oven the way you would a wood fire, preheating the oven to 400 degrees or to the maximum temperature you can will help achieve the crispy, just-charred crust, with toppings and base cooking to perfection! Just don’t forget to keep your eye on your pizza”

Mg 0352

3. It’s all about the flour 

“Flour is the main ingredient in pizza, and the type you use can has a big effect on the end result, pick carefully depending on the crust you desire. Oregano and Basil are the second most important ingredients to bring out the tastes of a winning pizza – don’t forget these to bring out the best in tastes.”

Pepe In Grani Preparazione Calzone

4. You can never have enough cheese 

“One of my most popular creations and my personal favourite pizza is the one I made with two different kinds of Grana Padano vintages (12 months and 24 months), called Scarpetta.”

Mg 0167

5. Passion and Patience

“As with all things in life especially with cooking you have to be passionate about achieving the end result you desire! From finding the best ingredients, to creating the dough. A pizza should taste like Italy, so take the time to source flavors from the region as much as is possible. It sounds obvious but do things lots of times, continuously experiment, today people don’t like to make mistakes, but practice makes perfect!”

Mg 0132

Franco Pepe was here as Grana Padano ambassador and as part of the 8th Italian World Cuisine Summit which runs until the 17th of November.

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