Public Transport Day Will Be Celebrated With Tons Of Games And Prizes In Dubai Starting From Friday


If you have been a regular user of Dubai’s public transportation, well it’s time for all your early morning struggles and eco-friendly means of commuting to finally pay off!

This year Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of Public Transport Day as well as RTA’s 14th anniversary under the theme ‘Better transport for a better life’, with a full-on BANG starting from Friday!

From games, prizes, raffle draws, Dubai’s RTA is treating public transport users big time this year around.

This year’s 10th edition celebrations will be jampacked with fun events, raffles, contests from Friday, November 1 till Monday, November 11

Some of the events that residents will get to enjoy are:

  • Treasure hunts
  • 2.5km and 5km races at the Dubai Water Canal
  • Raffle draws of gold bars for public transport riders

It’s also been announced that the RTA will be honouring the most regular riders of Dubai’s public transportation.

The RTA is pushing residents to recognize the benefits of using mass transportation on the economy as well as on the environment and start using public means of commuting

Dubai’s metro, taxis, trams, buses and water buses are all means of RTA’s modern public transit


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