Respiratory Masks Are Selling For Hundreds Of Dirhams On Online Stores


Respiratory masks can be found on online retailers from anything between AED49, to AED249 and beyond.

This comes as concerns grow over the spread of the Covid-19.

It’s worth noting the Department of Economy in Dubai (DED) has instructed retail outlets (and licenced online retailers) not to increase the price of masks, asking consumers to file complaints if they spot a price difference.

Communication from the Ministry of Health and Prevention on Twitter does not mention a mask among preventative measures

The DED has asked retailers not to hike prices

However, with many retailers selling out of the masks, people are turning to online channels to purchase, and here’s where you’ll find the price hikes.

A respiratory mask on Amazon for AED275


A respiratory mask for AED146

A UAE resident noted he purchased a mask for AED1.5

*Note if you’re purchasing a mask, look for the medicated versions and change it regularly.

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