UAE Influencer Salama Mohamed Recently Opened Up About Divorce With Remarkable Honesty


Divorce is never an easy topic, but UAE influencer Salama Mohamed recently opened up about it with remarkable honesty. In an interview with NourAldin Alyousuf, Salama shared her personal experiences and the emotional journey of going through a divorce.

Salama did a 44-minute interview with TV presenter NourAldin Alyousuf

There were rumors circulating about Salama Mohamed’s divorce from her ex-husband, and she confirmed that they are true. She revealed that the day of her divorce, February 13, 2024, was when she felt the safest in her life. She became emotional and nearly cried as she explained how “sometimes divorce is merciful.”

For the first time in her life, Salama Mohamed isn’t dependent on anyone. “Before marriage, I was dependent on my family. After marriage, I was dependent on my husband. But now, as an independent person, it’s the first time I know Salama without being dependent on anyone or her family. Now, I have my family that I manage.” When asked about her relationship with her two sons, she responded, “Amazing.”

It gets deeper…

Nour asked Salama if she had found forgiveness in her heart or if it was difficult for her. Salama explained that it wasn’t about forgiveness in the traditional sense. “I totally forgave everything,” she said, though there are some people and situations she can’t forgive. With her ex-husband, there remains a connection—perhaps spiritual or ethereal, or maybe just due to the time they spent together.

She emphasized that his happiness, success, and sadness still impact her, and she always prays for him. “With all of my heart, I pray for him with love and happiness,” she shared, because his well-being affects their children. Salama added that while she prays for his happiness, she is unsure if he has reached the same level of happiness as she has.

You can watch the full interview here

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