Salt Bae Upsets Customers After Charging AED218 For 4 Red Bull Cans In London

Salt Bae Upsets Customers After Charging AED218 For 4 Red Bull Cans In London

High-end restaurants get away with charging their customers exuberant amounts after factoring in the costs of the location, service, experience, premium ingredients, manpower, presentation and etc. but sometimes restos go overboard and that’s when the internet intercepts to serve a quick reality check.

The Dubai-based Turkish restaurateur, Nusret Gökçe AKA Salt Bae frequently makes headlines for his OTT butchery style but has recently drawn ire after charging his customers at the Nusr-Et Steakhouse in upmarket Knightsbridge, west London over AED218 (£44) for four red bull cans.

A diner shared his bill that mounted up to a whopping sum of AED9,017+ (£1,812.4) and the internet was outraged.

AED54 for 1 red bull, clearly society is too woke to be flexing on such expenditures these days

Salt Bae gained cult status after his ‘salt sprinkle’ meme went viral back in 2017 and racked up more than 10 million views. Not only red bull, the notorious butcher even hiked the price of diet coke to AED45 (£9) whereas it’s barely a few pounds in the supermarkets.

One Twitter user said, “Y’all confuse overpaying with luxury”.

Another said, “I do not care how good it is if you are spending £630 on a steak and £9 on a coke you do not deserve money.”

This tweep spotted something much more alarming!

But guilty tho.

If that AED44 can of red bull ain’t giving you wings then is it even worth it?!

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