The Seized British Tanker Released By Iran Is Now Docked At Port Rashid in Dubai


On Saturday, the UK-flagged oil tanker had docked at Port Rashid in Dubai post being released by Iran. The tanker was being detained in the port city of Bandar Abbas for more than 10 weeks.

The Stena Impero was anchored at the port in Iran since 20 July and the shipping company that operates the Stena Impero vessel, Stena Bulk, earlier confirmed on Friday that the tanker was released and was heading towards international waters.

The vessel was seized in the Strait of Hormuz (a narrow waterway that connects the Gulf and the Indian Ocean) two weeks after an Iranian tanker was impounded off Gibraltar with the help of the UK Royal Marines.

Although, Iran had strongly denied the detaining of the British-flagged vessel was an act of retaliation against the impound of their Iranian tanker.

According to the ship-tracking data, it was confirmed that the tanker will be transiting over Port Rashid in Dubai

Erik Hanell, CEO of Stena Bulk, in a statement, said that the Stena Impero would be heading to the ports of Dubai next where the crew would be de-briefed and be receiving medical attention.

The CEO further added,

“Full support will be offered to the crew and families in the coming weeks to assist with their recovery.”

Erik Hanell also stated that ‘the master has reported all crew members are safe and in high spirits following their release’

The tanker was seized by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards in the Strait of Hormuz waterway because the vessel allegedly violated marine regulations

This incident occurred during the Stena Impero’s journey through the international waters in the Strait of Hormuz, on 19 July.

The vessel was detained by Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard Corpse accusing the tanker of colliding with a fishing boat and failing to respond to calls. Although, the owner of the ship mentioned that there was no evidence of this allegation.

Stena Bulk praised the crew on-board for their professionalism during the stressful diplomatic standoff

The Northern Marine Management has announced that the crew will now be sent off to spend time with their families in their respective countries following 3-month detainment.


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