A Passenger Left AED 3.5M Worth Of Gold Behind And This Taxi Driver Returned The Whole Lot


If you were to leave AED 3.5m worth of gold in a taxi in any other part of the world, chances are you’d never see it again. But, that’s not the case in Dubai!

A Bangladeshi taxi driver returned 25kg of gold that a passenger had left behind in his airport taxi. A round of applause for this incredibly honest gentleman, please.

Four passengers got on to Liton Chandra Nath’s taxi at Dubai Airport. He dropped them off at their destination in Muraqqabat in Deira where they insisted on unloading the bags themselves.

An hour later he got a call from Road and Transport Authority (RTA) Customer Support and the Dubai Police asking if he’s come across anything left behind by a customer. After checking the booth he found a laptop bag containing eight bars of gold. He returned the items to RTA.

His honesty paid off…

RTA gave him a reward of AED 1,000 in cash as well as free housing for a year. Rail CEO Abdul Moshin Ebrahim Younus gave him AED 5,000 in cash and a certificate of appreciation.

Main image credit: RTA


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