The Hindu Temple In Jebel Ali Was Officially Inaugurated On Tuesday Night

The Hindu Temple In Jebel Ali Was Officially Inaugurated On Tuesday Night

The Hindu Mandir is now officially open to the public following the grand inauguration on Tuesday, October 4, in the presence of H.E. Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Board of Trustee Members, Raju Shroff & Vashu Shroff, Ambassador of India to UAE, Mr Sunjay Sudhir and leaders of various faiths.

Located in the Worship Village at Jebel Ali, everything about the Hindu Temple and the Worship Village will tell a story about “collaboration and peaceful coexistence.”

“Everything about this Temple and the Worship Village tells a story about collaboration and peaceful coexistence” – Raju Shroff, Committee Member

“Our children will be the first generation to experience a variety of religious houses in one district.

They can walk from the gurudwara to the churches to the temple as well as the Mosques and absorb the lessons, blessings & vibrations of each one,” added Raju Shroff, Committee Member.

“This Temple will stand as a real emblem that, when cultures unite, harmony can be found” – shared Raju Shroff in his keynote speech

The Mandir will also serve as a hub for the growing community well into the future.

Worshippers and those seeking to visit the Hindu Temple are being requested to make an appointment via the official Hindu Temple website, where they can also check the schedule for the Aartis.

Dubai officials and residents are all heart for the new Mandir and are sending their good wishes to the Indian community✨❤️

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