The UAE Is Gearing Up In Anticipation For The Upcoming Storm

Farah Makhlouf

Everyone who was in the UAE during the April 16 storm will remember how strong and unexpected it was. It wasn’t cloud seeding. It rained almost all day. It caused some flooding here and there but it was managed by local authorities throughout the week. Now when residents hear another storm is brewing, they’re planning ahead!

NCEMA stated that “upcoming weather conditions will be less severe than the previous one” – so that’s good news!

The Met Department forecasts inclement weather starting from the west on Wednesday night (May 1), and spreading over most areas on Thursday (May 2), with a focus on western, coastal, and some eastern regions.

Private and public sector employees are urged to work remotely on Thursday, May 2 and Friday, May 3 (except essential jobs)

NCEMA released a series of guidelines and is alerting the public to adhere to all safety guidelines issued by relevant authorities and government bodies.

Private schools, nurseries, and universities in Dubai have also transitioned to remote learning

Dubai Municipality released a few safety tips and guidelines you should follow during unstable weather conditions

A tip from Lovin Dubai: park your vehicles on elevated surfaces and avoid basement garages as water may accumulate underground!


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