The UAE Ranks 7th Place Globally In The 2024 World Competitiveness Report

Mayar Ibrahim

Proud to announce that the UAE has achieved an impressive leap in the 2024 World Competitiveness Report… After coming in 10th last year, the UAE advanced 3 places and now it ranks in 7th place! The nation is now ahead of Norway, Iceland, Japan, Canada and Finland. 

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum stated that the UAE, led by President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed and its people, continues to rise in global competitiveness rankings each year

The ruler of Dubai stated: “In one of the most important global competitiveness reports issued by the International Institute for Management Development in Switzerland, the UAE moved up three places, reaching seventh place globally. The UAE is also among the top ten globally in more than 90 key and sub-indicators in the 2024 World Competitiveness Report.”

Hh Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid

It’s no surprise that the UAE advanced 3 places to 7th place in the 2024 World Competitiveness Report, just look at how far the nation has come!

The UAE performed exceptionally across various pillars of the report. It ranked 2nd globally in Economic Performance, 4th in Government Efficiency, 10th in Business Efficiency. Also, the World Competitiveness Report classifies the countries based on 4 main pillars and 20 sub-pillars. Each sub-pillar encompasses 336 competitive indicators across various economic, administrative, and social fields, including government efficiency, education, and innovation. So, in this year’s report, the UAE advanced in all four main pillars.

  • The UAE ranked among the top 10 globally in over 90 key and sub-indicators.
  • 1st globally in 11 indicators including industrial disputes, labour force (%), employment (%), and household consumption expenditure – real growth.
  • 2nd place globally in 9 indicators, including tourism receipts, females in parliament, labour force growth, adaptably of government policy, and absence of bureaucracy.
  • 3rd globally in 6 indicators including collected capital and property taxes, immigration laws, management of cities and percentage of government budget surplus.
  • 4th place in 12 indicators including consumer price inflation, long-term unemployment, international experience, overall productivity (ppp), labour regulation, and the balance of commercial services and employment in the public sector.
  • Finally, 5th place in 13 indicators including GDP (PPP) per capita, quality of air transportation, energy infrastructure, graduates in sciences, start-up procedures, unemployment legislation, foreign highly-skilled personnel, national culture, unemployment rate and tax evasion.

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