Spread Hummus Not Hate!! Top 10 Hummus Spots In Dubai

Spread Hummus Not Hate!! Top 10 Hummus Spots In Dubai

If hummus is life.

If hummus is the only BAE in your life..

If hummus is what gets you up at night…

Then, my friend, you are what we call a hummus-sapien and this list has been made with only YOU in mind.

If you’re all about that creamy chickpea dip and all the different variations of this Middle Eastern GEM, then keep scrolling and have these 10 restos bookmarked for your hummus-faction!

10. Awani

Their hummus is light, incredibly rich, ineffably smooth and deeply, deeply satisfying. Scoop it up with some pan friend pita and you’re GOLDEN!

9. Al Safadi

This one is from the hooood yoo! Traditionally made from cooked chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, and lemon juice along with flavors like garlic or roasted red peppers, this is your OG spot to grab some tradish hummus.

8. Karam Beirut

Karam Beirut be servin’ varieties here boo. BTW they call it ‘Hommos’ here… but ya take your pick from the classic Hommos, Beiruti Hommous, Shrimp Hommos and Hommos bel Habaa (my personal fave! It’s vegan, and mixed with fresh basil, garlic, pine nuts and olive oil).

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7. Zaroob

Sandwiches with hummus, wraps with hummus, hummus fatteh, hummus with twists, yup! Zaroob here as it all.

6. Operation Falafel

The creammyyyy, soothing hummus served with pillowy bread just makes Operation Falafel a 3am go-to for any and all kinds of hummus cravings!

5. Somewhere – The Dubai Mall

Somewhere in the Dubai Mall, you’ll find an ACTUAL hummus BAR!!! The beetroot hummus here deffo wins by a (hummus-filled) landslide. Their 3 drool-worthy flavours: Jalapeño bell pepper hummus, guacamole hummus and beetroot hummus. 🧡💚❤️

4. SIKKA Café

Try some of SIKKA Café’s classics! Like the Beiruti and pine nut and cumin seed hummuses dipped with freshly baked pita bread…MMMMHMMMMM! I’LL TAKE 5 ORDERS OF THAT PLEASE! One fo’me and the other four for my hourly cravings.

3. Babel – La Mer

Literally the first thing you see as you surf their IG handle is a big ‘ole picture of their signature pesto hummus dish. Now that’s how you know that the resto loves hummus just as much as you! Their flavoursome combos will make you sleepwalk to their resto at 4 in the morning.

2. Al Mallah

For some affordable, classic and filling hummus, Al Mallah will forever be your gal. Cuz’ cheap thrills FTW.

1. Wafi Gourmet

The caption for the picture below reads,

The only reason to stop staring at this hummos Beiruti made to perfection, would be to devour it.


The taste, the texture, the fresh puffy breads…ughh just ONE bite, and you’ll be ruined. RUINED I tell you.

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