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Top 10 Memes That sum Up 2020 To The T

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It’s about time for the 2020 meme roundup innit?!

As horrendous as 2020 was, it was a completely meme-worthy year… THUS the following 10 2020 wrap-up memes.

10. Basically…

9. If disappointment had a number… 2020 would probz be it

8. 2020 ain’t gonna end 😭

7. This year has aged the best of us at least 10 years! Ouufffffff.

6. Literally *EVERY* single human this year.

5. #FACTS!!! Thanks to the makers of COVID-19🙃

4. The year where every day was a battle and every month a new battlefield

3. WFH during quarantine be like…

2. This year had 4 very long… very hectic… very scary months.

1. A meme for every time someone says “We made it guys! 2020 is over. We did it.”

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