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A Traveller Went Into Shock After Being Asked To Pay Excess Luggage Fees For Duty-Free Shopping At DXB

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*This article has been updated to reflect an inaccuracy. Duty-free shopping might be weighed before you fly, but it’s at each airline’s discretion.

A traveller was left shocked after being left with unexpected charges after overshopping at DXB and took to Twitter to vent their frustration.

Depending on the airline, Duty-Free shopping can be weighed (along with your overall hand luggage) to see if it exceeds the hand luggage allowance for the flight, just before getting on the plane. So it’s worth checking with your airline before you travel.

So here’s a little heads-up to avoid any unwanted surprise expenses…


A tweep took to Twitter to vent after the surprise checking

She also mentioned that a number of passengers had to pay excess baggage fees before boarding the flight. Eeks! We totally sympathize.

Top tip: Check with your airline before you fly!

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