UAE Shines On The Humanitarian Front – It Will Welcome 15,000 Syrian Refugees


The next five years will see the UAE welcoming 15,000 Syrian refugees as part of its plan to share in the responsibility of the refugee crisis.

At the Leaders’ Summit on Refugees held at the UN headquarters, Reem Ebrahim Al Hashemi, Minister of State for International Cooperation, said: “The crisis of refugees and displaced persons is a global phenomenon that requires the attention of the entire international community. The UAE is committed to working with you to find collective and effective solutions to prevent further escalation of the global refugee crisis.”

Five years ago 115,000 Syrians lived and worked in the UAE 

Now, over 200,000 Syrians live here but without the refugee status.

We all must do our part to engage in dialogue, resolve differences and support global pillars of peace and stability. – Reem Ebrahim Al Hashemi

No details have been shared about housing and support for refugees but this move makes UAE the first country in the GCC to allow Syrians as refugees.

Ultimately, we must offer a source of hope for displaced persons that allows them to maintain dignity, return home, reintegrate themselves into their societies, and rebuild their countries and their lives. – Reem Ebrahim Al Hashemi

UAE has given around AED 2.6 billion in the last five years to support Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries. In fact, it has been contributing more than 1% of its GNI annually to foreign aid making it one of the top donors globally.  

Shelter, food, basic health, water, and sanitation are provided by the UAE in camps they’ve set up in Northern Iraq, Jordan and Greece and it wants to look at services such as vocational training, education in emergencies and rehabilitation because “the UAE believes that we must not just meet the basic needs of refugees, but we also maintain their dignity and offer hope for their future”.

Main image credit: UAE Interact


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