Will UAE’s First Sex Correction Case Go Through?


Following the introduction of new medical legislation a few weeks ago, that states that under circumstances, gender re-assignment surgery can be carried out, the UAE courts are now looking into what is believed to be the first UAE sex correction request.

The Emirati woman, who is appealing to the courts to have surgery to change her sex has already had six medical examinations to prove that her testosterone levels are similar to that of a man.

She also states that she relates more to the male gender and feels that she is “a man trapped in the wrong body” and she does not feels that she is psychologically and physically a woman..

The trial has been adjourned until October 5 to allow the court time to study the medical reports.

The fact that this has come as far as the courts just shows how much Dubai has evolved over the past few years. We wish her luck in her request.


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