This New Rule Means You’ll Get A Replacement Car After An Accident


If you’ve ever been in a road accident (though we seriously hope you never find yourself in that situation) legal formalities aren’t the only thing you have to worry about especially if your car needs to be repaired. Your transportation for the new few days becomes a thing of concern. Your options are public transport or Uber, right? But this won’t be the case in the new year.

According to new motor insurance rules for the UAE, drivers will be provided with replacement veh­icles after an accident. This unified vehicle insurance policy will make it compulsory for insurance companies to provide policyholders with compensation equivalent to the cost for a replacement car after an accident for a maximum of 10 days and a value of up to AED 300 per day.

The new regulation will also see liability coverage extend to spouses, children and parents, will enable insurers and their customers to resort to experts to resolve disputes and give motorists clarity on when a car must be written off by an insurer.

Lastly, it will allow good drivers to obtain discounts on their insurance premiums and drivers with poor records to be made to pay more (just what those tailgaters and speed maniacs could do with – we’re pretty sure they are the cause of most accidents).

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