Water Released In Dubai Canal Today Has Turned Major Parts Of Dubai Into An Island


It seems like forever ago (although it’s really been three years which isn’t that long considering…) that construction started on Dubai Canal.

And today we saw the first signs of it nearing completion. Water was released in the canal for the first time and the entire 3.2 kilometres is now a functioning waterway. The stunning perimetre of the canal will boast hotels, residences and restaurants and will surely be Dubai’s newest most visited attraction.

Water is being added gradually, so it’s not at full height just yet

6 metres will be the depth of the canal when it’s finally full, but it’s not at that depth yet. If anyone has the time to stick around and make a timelapse of the water being added, we reckon it could turn out pretty cool. 

From this….

To this….

Major parts of Dubai are now an island

Satwa, Downtown, Zabeel, Karama, Bur Dubai, parts of Jumeirah and Business Bay are now completely surrounded by water, and the area of Dubai creek has now extended up to where Business Bay begins

Work is still ongoing

Walkways and pedestrian bridges need to be finished so there is still a lot of work to do. However this is a clear indication that work for the canal is on track with the planned completion date. All major roads and pedestrian walkways are expected to be completed in the next month.

“Dubai Canal is on track and our monitoring system in place ensures the project is ready according to the set plan,” said

Executive Director of RTA Director General and Chairman of the Board


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