World War 3 Is Trending On Twitter And This One Shocked Reaction Is Beyond Relatable


The chilling hashtags, WWIII and World War 3 started trending BIG TIME on Twitter globally. This is following the US airstrike that assassinated the Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, which took place at Baghdad’s international airport early on Friday, January 3. The quick escalation of tensions gave way to talks and rumours about the possibility of World War 3.

Many Dubai residents woke up to the trending hashtags followed by more than 500,000 tweets flooding Twitter about the assassination, which took place earlier on Friday marking the escalation in US-Iran tensions.

Many were confused and startled seeing the doomy hashtags and shared their reactions in forms of memes, that many, MANY tweeps were able to relate with after taking notice of the disturbing trending hashtags on Twitter.

If this was not your first reaction to the shocking hashtags then you are just lying to yourself

FEELS summed up perfectly!

Many replied to the RELATABLE meme with gifs of their own and these tweets are a whole MOOD


This super relatable meme is MAJORLY trending on Reddit as well

As people errawhere are startled about the sudden escalation of the US-Iran tensions that literally boomed overnight.

The post summing up the world’s reaction in a Joey Tribbiani meme has been retweeted over 7900 times in less than three hours…

This viral TikTok video is doing rounds again and it’s all courtesy to the WWIII scare

You: *Chilling on a Friday morning*



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