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An Inspiring Young Girl Donates Her Hair To Cancer Patients After Growing It Out For A Year

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An Inspiring Young Girl Donates Her Hair To Cancer Patients After Growing It Out For A Year

This story of a young, thoughtful 17-year-old girl will leave you feeling inspired to give back to your community like never before!

Anushka Agarwal is an Indian exapt currently residing in Dubai, who frequently partakes in various charitable activities and this time around the young 12th grader has gone a step further and donated something very, VERY personal… her luscious locks of hair!

Anushka exclusively tells Lovin Dubai that she’s been growing out her hair for a year – so that she could have it long enough to donate it to Friends of Cancer Patients, (FOCP) as she had previously seen their work and was almost immediately galvanized.

“I am going to donate my hair to an organization in Sharjah by the name of ‘Friends of Cancer Patients’ (FOCP) as I had seen their work previously and was immediately interested as I was touched by cause.”

However, because FOCP has a requirement of 12-inches, Anushka made it her mission to wait it out and grow her hair for a year before she approached the centre again with her thoughtful donation.

“Hence, I made the decision to grow my hair out and was supposed to donate it in March but, since we went into a lockdown that wasn’t possible. So, I continued to grow it out until I could finally visit the salon to cut it all on May 27.”

Want to find out more on this initiative? Please visit focp.ae for more deets.

A 17-year-old girl giving us some MAJOR lessons on how to give back to the community right here folks!!

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