UAE Authorities Demand Qatar Immediately Ceases All Activities Endangering Civil Aviation


Following the news of Qatari fighter jets flying dangerously close to UAE commercial jets in Bahrain air space this week, the UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has demanded Qatar refrain from any further activities that could compromise the safety of international civil aviation.

Qatari authorities did not communicate with air traffic controllers when two Qatari planes flew within 700 metres of two UAE planes.

UAE planes were forced into an unplanned emergency manoeuvre, where the jets elevated from 32,000 to 35,000 feet to avoid a collision, according to a Wam report.

“This act, which is clearly a deliberate act, has endangered the lives of civilians on board and is a clear violation of International Civil Aviation Treaties, and actually puts international civil aviation traffic at risk.

War games should not come near civil aircrafts. There is a code that state and military aircrafts are required to follow when coming into close proximity with civilian aircrafts. We want to see an immediate cessation of acts which endangers or compromises the safety of civil aviation.” 

Ismail Al Blooshi, GCAA Assistant Director General for Aviation Safety Affairs

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