It Has Been A Year Since The Qatari Fallout With Gulf States And It Doesn’t Look Like There’s Any End In Sight

It was 12 months ago, when news broke of the UAE – along with Saudi; Bahrain and Egypt – deciding to sever diplomatic ties with Qatar. 

It shook the region, and the globe, in fact, that the four Gulf states had opted for extreme measures but what followed explained the reasoning. 

The UAE released an infographic of why action had been taken

And the four states offered Qatar 13 stipulations to rebuild relationships

But Qatar declined. 

The country opted to forgo relations with the surrounding countries – rather, aligning itself with Iran and Turkey, and receiving help from other countries to combat its trade.

The 13 requirements, issued 12 months ago were: 

Qatar declined the 13 requirements, and the nations then ended in a stalemate

And so, 12 months later – the situation remains. There are no direct flights between Qatar and the four countries, Qatar Airways is not operating within the UAE or Saudi, Al Jazeera channels remain blocked in the UAE and diplomatic ties are no more.

Even recently, Qatar ordered stores to strip shelves of any UAE or Saudi imported products – what could be a sign this stand-off is set to continue. 

The UAE’s state minister for foreign affairs, Anwar Gargash has said it could take years to resolve

And given the decision not to meet the demands – for which the four Gulf states say they will not compromise on –  it doesn’t look like it’s ending any time soon. 

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