UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Says He Doesn’t Think Kuwait’s Mediation Will Work For Qatar

The UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash says he doesn’t believe Kuwait can mediate the Qatar fall out to an effective result at this time. 

In a statement to national news agency WAM, Gargash explained that while Kuwait’s Emir is one of the most prominent leaders in the region and someone with widespread respect, a mediation would not get a resolution at this time.

He said Qatar has given the UAE and Saudi no choice but to close off to it.

“The crisis has increased, and we have reached a dead end in our endeavours to convince Qatar to change its course,” he said.

“Doha has tried to imply that Gulf and Arab countries, which boycotted it, are trying to influence its external policies, but this is untrue.”

Gargash called on Qatar to deal with individuals based in Doha with ties to Al Qaeda, who have UN sanctions issued. 

“As Qatar is a neighbour, it should commit to the rules of security and the stability of the Gulf. It has to stop playing the role of the main promoter of extremism and terrorism in the region.”

Gargash stated that the US air base in Qatar was not related to the Gulf fall out

He said: “The current crisis has nothing to do with the US Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, as this is not an issue that concerns us.”

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