Burger King Is Facing Some MAJOR Backlash After A Failed Campaign


Famous food chain, Burger King, has been receiving some serious backlash from a recent campaign regarding the ban on Saudi women driving.

Burger King KSA changed the name of one of their burgers to ‘Whopp-HER’ and failed to understand the hidden meaning.

Whop is used to refer to the act of ‘hitting hard’

The campaign aimed on playing around with the whopper sandwich by offering saudi women free whopper burgers when passing by its drive-thru till July 24.

However, things haven’t gone exactly as planned as the name change has attracted a lot of rage.

This twitter using the more obvious meaning to prove his point

Sure does sound violent

“It’s a sexual assault claim waiting to happen”

This backlash comes soon after Burger King had to apologize for another controversial ad that offers free lifetime supply of Whopper sandwiches to Russian women impregnated by World Cup football players as well as offered them $47,000.

Burger King is yet to comment on this issue.

Main image sourced from twitter user @Jayy7__

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