This Popular Dance Move Will Get You Arrested In Saudi Arabia


Like a scene from “Footloose” you can expect a police inquiry if you want to ‘dab’ in Saudi Arabia.

The popular dance move originated in the American hip hop scene and examples can be seen everywhere in popular culture today.

Dabbing consists of one bending their head into the elbow of one raised arm while also raising their other arm straight, in the same direction. Sounds more complicated than it is.

However the term ‘dabbing’ also has drug affiliations with it’s other definition understood to be use of narcotics. 


A popular Saudi singer has been arrested after performing the dance move

Under Saudi law the dance move is prohibited as it may be considered as a reference to drugs and drug use.

In a video, which has now gone viral, the young singer can be seen performing the prohibited move during a concert.

Abdallah Al Shaharani, tv host and actor, performed the move in Taif at the weekend and was promptly arrested

He has since apologised online for his actions.

The Saudi Arabian government has even released a poster warning young people of the dangers of participating in the dance craze.

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