9 Reasons Why This Is The Handiest Service EVER In Dubai


Laundry is perhaps the world’s most boring chore and we can give you enough reasons why we hate it.

  • You’re dealing with a pile of stuff that’s dirty (and stinks – don’t deny it because we live in a very hot and humid city).
  • It’s annoying to separate clothes once they come out from the washing machine in that big ball of a mess.
  • And if there are special care instructions on a garment, let’s just say you’re s****** – because then it’s not just your load at home that you have to deal with, you got to make a trip to the dry cleaners as well.

We could go on, but we’ve discovered a concept that’s changed it all. It’s called Laundrybox

It’s an easy process to get the job done.

All you need to do is sign up to the service online (laundrybox.com) or on the app (Android & iOS). Put your clothes in laundry bags and request a home pick up by calling 800 LBOX, ordering online or by using the mobile app. If you live in a building with the Mybox lockers you can also drop off the bags in there. Your clothes will then be picked up, cleaned and returned to you in two days.

Here are 9 reasons why you should be relying on this service:


1. Convenient and reliable service

Hate waiting for someone to pick up your laundry or driving to the store? Laundrybox is all about making it easy for you to get your laundry done. If you live in a building with a Mybox locker you can just drop off the laundry at anytime in the box and presto it comes back the next day clean. If you don’t have a Mybox locker in your building yet you can use the Laundrybox app or laundrybox.com to get your laundry done with a tap of a button.

2. High quality service

These guys actually have their own facility and take pride in doing the laundry using their professional staff so that your laundry is returned fresh, clean and ready-to-wear again. It can be suits or gowns, traditional outfits or even your underwear and pyjamas. By the way, they even clean towels, bed sheets and cushion covers. Whatever it is they always strive to deliver a high quality service and have won several awards including Digital Business of the Year (Arabian Business 2015) and Top 3 Most Promising Startups (Forbes Middle East).

3. There’s no room for confusion

They provide you with labelled reusable laundry bags. This means you drop the stuff that needs to be cleaned in one bag, and the stuff that needs to be ironed gets a separate bag.

4. A device is all you need

From setting timings for your laundry cycle to making payments, you can operate your entire laundry process on an app. It’s ideal for those who love minimal human interaction, but if you really want to talk to someone they have a professional customer service call centre available for you 24/7.

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5. You will have no reason to complain

The guys handling your clothes know what they’re doing, so be assured that you won’t receive your shirts or outfits with hanger bumps. Nor will you see stickers and pins on any of your clothes. 

6. Attention to detail

If you like t-shirts folded or plastic covers removed before delivery then save those preferences on the app and the team will do just that. You call the shots here.

7. Nothing will go missing

Say goodbye to those reasons that have probably caused arguments between you and your current laundry provider. With a real time tracking system in place, you’ll forget what it is like to have a sock missing or have your clothes swapped with someone else’s.

8. Their loyalty programme is spot on

Of course you will earn points for every Dirham you spend on laundry here, but you also earn points for every hanger you return. And what do those points get you? Free laundry services, duh!

Psst…they’re offering new users a 25% discount on the first laundry cycle.

9. And the one that matters the most…the rates 

You can go to bed being sure that what you’re paying for is top quality service.

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