A Dubai-Made Metaverse Game-Changer Gives Never-Before-Seen Access To Celebs

A Dubai-Made Metaverse Game-Changer Gives Never-Before-Seen Access To Celebs
Interacting with celebs and brands has just gone to a wholleeeee other level.
Bonuz Market is a celebrity and brand token ecosystem that lets us interact with celebs like never before. We’ve all heard of the Metaverse (thanks Zucks), but this is our first real introduction into how it will be a game-changer.
Bonuz is revolutionary. It’s a unique system where creators, brands and personalities can engage with fans like never before. Through private channels, the regular addition of new NFTs, and themed merch, Bonuz is a slick launchpad that guides our way into the Metaverse, accompanied by celebs! What more could you want?

The idea is the brainchild of Dubai-based entrepreneur Matthias Mende. He’s created a platform that allows anyone to join his Metaverse community and connect with celebs and brands like never before

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The Crypto market might be down but this doesn’t affect Bonuz

Given the poor market conditions, the whole crypto market is going down. But Mende told Locin that this situation doesn’t matter for Bonuz, as Bonuz uses Blockchain as just one of its key technologies and not as a pure hype tool.

Mende adds that the Metaverse is here to be embraced, Blockchain is here to add value and verify the trust factor. Hollywood, Bollywood, Netflix, Insta, TikTok, and the whole world of entertainment and sports won’t stop producing content, and this is the kind of world that will be totally integrated into Bonuz, with its key feature of uniting fans with celebrities.

Crazy cool access

Bonuz was established to give us access to celebs and unique content. Mende has created new opportunities and new unforgettable moments, powered by Bonuz.

As earlier on Smashi TV and the Dubai Works Podcast, Mende is the former Chief Strategic Officer in Dubai’s Award Winning Block Gemini and serves today as the Advisor to the CEO of the semi-governmental Dubai Blockchain Center where he helps to build the UAE’s Blockchain Ecosystem, but his new project is taking over on a whole another level.

Once you own a fan token you can have access to greater interactions, like unique content, early access to events, personal birthday messages, or even private video messages that will go to the biggest fans. Free NFTs on a regular basis! It’s content mixed with tech and it’s a whole new world of fandom! Owning a fan token is like being in a kind of VIP members club of the celebrity. The follower count of the talents on Bonuz Inc. is above 100 Million and popular reputable UAE businessmen like Saygin Yalcin advise Mende on his entrepreneurial mega journey.

What’s the tech? The ecosystem is powered by the Solana Blockchain, whereas the Bonuz token itself is on Binance smart chain (BSC). It is a one-of-a-kind start-up that makes use of tokenisation and blockchain with a focus on celebrities and brands.

Jump onto Bonuz to find the celebs you want to engage with, and keep an eye out for 50 celebs or brands which are expected to launch within the first year of operation

Given the current market conditions that the crypto markets are suffering and going down, Mende gave a reasons why this doesn’t really bother Bonuz

Bonuz uses Blockchain as one of its key technologies and is building a real business model behind most of its utilities. Fan Tokens like Chiliz are the next upcoming trend. The Metaverse is here to be embraced, Blockchain is here to verify trust and authenticity. Holywood, Bollywood, Netflix, Instagram, TikTok, simply the whole industry of entertainment and sports won’t ever stop producing content. This is the Bonuz targeted industry to revolutionize and simply innovate in order to unite the fans with their celebrities or brands.

Psst! Token holders will get free NFTs, and discounts which include limited-edition community-designed real-world merch, and on top can meet with celebs inside the metaverse. This startup is Insane!

Mende sat down with Yessica Sierra to discuss his vision for tokenisation and what it holds for the future of crypto

Need more answers? Mende joined the Unlocked show to discuss why Bonuz is a game-changer in the market

It’s worth noting, 11% of generated profits from Bonuz goes towards charitable organizations

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*This article is paid collaboration with Bonuz

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